Tuesday, November 7, 2017

DuPont State Forest Water Falls Hiking

Ahava and I recently got into hiking. In today's video, I'm carrying a backpack in order to practice for the upcoming hiking/camping trips we're planning. In today's video, we visited DuPont State Forest for the day. The forest is about 2 hours west of where we live in Charlotte, NC. There are a number of beautiful waterfalls along the Little River winding through the forest. The trail we walked has a few decent sized hills as it follows the river. The access point of the trail is at Hooker Falls, where a number of people can be seen fly fishing. Afterwards, we went to the Earth Fare market in Asheville, which is about 30 minutes north of the forest. Before heading back home, we stopped for a latte at Green Sage Cage in South Asheville. Below is a link to DuPont State Forest.


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