Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Penance vs Repentance

The title may appear combative, but that's not my intention. "vs" is just a way of comparing two viewpoints. One reason, not mentioned in today's video, as to why penance is believed by Roman Catholics is because of the belief that the grace of Christ is imputed to an infant at baptism. Hence, the Roman Catholic believes that grace has already been given to the individual many years ago and so the penance is made because they have the grace of God through that baptism. In other words, I know the grace of Jesus is with me, so I show my repentance through this penance.

Protestants are not proponents of infant baptism because they believe a person has to have a clear understanding as to why they are being baptized and no infant is aware of this. Hence, once they experience the grace of Christ, they are led to repentance and that repentance leads to good works, which can appear as synonymous to penance.

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