Monday, October 16, 2017

Two Cysts Disappear

In today's video, a young woman is healed from two cysts on her back that were there for a year. In the situation I mentioned how a person can have issues in their back because of money worries. I made that comment because I've been in enough situations where I'm ministering to a person's back and also recognize money worries in the person's posture or thinking. The article below mentions some causes of cysts, but money worries aren't one of the causes mentioned. However, all the causes mentioned in the article are related to the physical functioning of the body and not the mental state of the person. One cause mentioned is poor drainage. That is what I would relate to worry. Not letting go of worry is synonymous to poor drainage of body fluids.

Also, here's a link to my Youtube Channel where you will find this particular video and over 600 other healing and teaching videos.

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