Monday, October 23, 2017

New Age Thinking

There's a growing number of people becoming interested in the New Age. I've noticed in my studies that new age thinking is impersonal in the sense that those who follow after this line of thought tend to move away from a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Evidence of this is found in the language used. The words, "Christ Consciousness" are used in place of a real relationship with Jesus Christ. The word, "Source" replaces, "Father" when referring to the creator.

God would not have called himself Father if he wasn't interested in a close, personal relationship with the children he has created. With enough investigation you will also discover how new age thought will share every possible religious idea out there, except that of a personal relationship with the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Amen. Tom, what is the address to the cardboard box church? I'd like to visit.

    1. We meet tomorrow morning (if not raining) from 9-11 at the intersection of Trade & Tryon in downtown Charlotte.